GGS III screen protector working on the Nex 5N ?

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Re: Loss of Touchscreen Sensitivity with GGS III on NEX-5N

hopscotch85 wrote:

I just received a GGS III for my NEX-5N, and while the touchscreen technically still functions, it does lose some functionality of more sensitive functions.

For example, the shoot mode dial becomes impossible to turn consistently using the touchscreen, and the scroll sliders on menus become non-functional via touch. Most problematic is MF Assist no longer consistently responds to touch in all areas of the screen, sometimes requiring repeat touches, which can become a nuisance in the field. Lastly, the window for the light sensor doesn't necessarily line up when the larger window is adjusted for optimal viewing.

So I found serves its basic purpose, to protect the screen while retaining basic touch functions, but with some loss of touchscreen functionality and added thickness to body. I'm hesistant to glue it to my screen because of this, since I've read that removal is not that easy once the glue has set.

Unfortunately the Micro Solutions protector for NEX-5N is sold out.

GGS III is a clip on screen (plastic).Why would you want to glue it on ?

I have seen GGS II (stick on) glass screens working pretty well (a few confirmed this). There is a YouTube video showing the touch screen working well with 2 GGS galss on top.

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