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Re: High ISO that good? Really?

ZinMe wrote:

Anyway, the DXO High ISO measurement seems like it is skewed on the high side based on the raw comparison. The must be assuming some applied noise reduction in JPEGs.

Is anyone else seeing the same thing?

No, the DXO results are almost exactly mirroring what I am seeing in the RAW files after they have been normalized to the same resolution. They also track nicely with the results that Bill and Marianne put together. Numerous people have posted images from the RAWs comparing the D800 and D4 at the same resolution, and generally they seem to track what DXO is showing. Of course, with the additional detail the D800 has, it is possible to apply more NR to the D800 than to the D4 image without sacrificing ultimate detail, in which case you can get the images to be very close indeed even at very high ISO.

Also, I'll point out that DXO's review clearly states that "in this review we are discussing only the D800’s RAW-image-based sensor results," so obviously it does not take JPEG noise reduction into account.

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