X-S1 firmware 1.01: ORBs remedied?

Started Mar 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
wymjym Veteran Member • Posts: 5,492
short answer: NO............Re: X-S1 firmware 1.01: ORBs remedied?

I know every one wants images etc...........I'm not offering any at this time, sorry.

On wednesday I was playing with various settings while sitting in a parking lot...bright Texas light, shiny cars, low iso = orbs.

So what I found was that shooting iso 100, L size, raw+jpg at any F stop would 'orb'.
iso 100, m size, dr 400, raw+jpg any f stop would 'orb'.
exr dynamic range, iso 400 auto, dr 800, no orbs

(setting the auto 400 iso and dr800 forces the camera to always shoot at iso 200-dr800)

today with new firmware I can see a very, very slight improvement using the same iso settings as used the previous time. The iso 100 shots still were objectionable--still looked round/oblong and hard edged but at 100% the edges were a little diffused..just not enough to change the character of the orb when taken as a whole. The EXR dr mode also looked very slightly better and since this is the lowest iso setting I can safely use in bright conditions, outside...I will use it until the sensor replacement.

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