M43 Should standardize image stabilization

Started Mar 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
J R R S Senior Member • Posts: 1,337

"I am just curios how Panasonic is going to compensate and stay competitive."

1080 60p,
720 120p,
4k 24p

Oly will never do video right....

Panasonic might well pickup and run with it... if they are not too affraid of canablizing their top end video stuff... If they go all in for video, they can dominate that sector - possibly from pro to prosumer! - given Live HDMI out and the standatds I listed there is little reason to get any other camera, at any level.... REDs would not be out on their own....

Mind you if the OMD had these 3 modes and an electronic shutter... I think I would no longer need to keep looking on m43 roumors all the time

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