Ipad 3 not worth getting IF

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Re: Ipad 3 not worth getting IF

webfrasse wrote:

MtnGoatJoe wrote:

ennacac wrote:

I will not be getting one, I didn't buy any of the other iPad's either since the 11" Macbook Air worked better for me, basically the same size and far more computing power.


You said, "Same size." Hahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Whew! You're a funny guy!

And that is funny because? I have an iPad and the 11" MBA...not that different in size....maybe it's that thing you smoke;-)

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The only comparison that is even close is the hight. To me, the most important is the weight. But YMMV.

Hight 7.31
Width 9.5
Depth 0.37
Weight 1.44

11" Air
Hight 7.56
Width 11.8
Depth 0.68
Weight 2.38

Difference (Air/iPad)
Hight 103%
Width 124%
Depth 184%
Weight 165%

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