overlooked improvements on 5d3

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Re: overlooked improvements on 5d3

CalBoy87 wrote:

Do you mean it shows in MF if you focus behind or in front of the subject? Like the rangefinders on Nikon? BTW, how is manual focusing on MKIII? I had plenty of fast primes, which I focus using EG-S screen, so I am worry about lack of this option on MKIII

I did some macro shooting yesterday with the MKIII, my previous camera being a 450D with a Katzeye focus screen. I really, really miss the Katzeye. My manual focus accuracy with this screen is acceptable, but the preview of depth of field at wide apertures sucks since there is no change in the screen's appearance as the aperture goes lower than f/2.8. If Katzeye creates a screen for the 5D Mark III, I'll buy it in a second.

Haven't been able to confirm the operation of the focus arrows, since my AF-chipped lens adapter just gave an error about updating the lens firmware and refused to operate (I pulled the chip off the adapter and used it without the chip instead). I'm really excited about them if they work as described, though.

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