Held the 5D Mark III today. Mushy shutter-release.

Started Mar 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
thenickdude Senior Member • Posts: 1,076
Re: Held the 5D Mark III today. Mushy shutter-release.

I noticed this too, and honestly I think I much prefer the "mushy" shutter button of the 5D Mark III over the 450D's distinct click stops. It seems to jolt the camera much less, which I love for macro shooting where every millimetre counts.

The button is easy to press up until the half-pressed position, then the resistance increases up until the full-press, there's no sudden stops. You can depress the shutter button past the full-press position, but unless the camera is off you probably won't notice this (since the shutter firing will immediately tell you that you've pressed it enough).

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