Olympus vs Panasonic - Pros and Cons

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Re: Yes, one run by Pros , the other by Cons


I will tell you something about Panasonic though. I have a simple $10 Panasonic AM radio I bought over 20 years ago. It still works GREAT even though I just turn it on every few months.

Before that I bought numerous Sony radios, Walkmans, etc....Not one lasted more than a week past 90 day warranty!

I know pretty much apples and oranges and Sony sensors are said to be quite good and I have used them in Nikons etc...but I'll be darned if I ever sport another product with the Sony logo on it.

Come to think of it I have NEVER had a Panasonic product fail on me. Not one out of probably 10-20 over the past 30 years... Not to say they are perfect but if you can make a cheap throw away product last I think the higher end stuff will also have the same life.



Tim in upstate NY wrote:

nxp3 wrote:

One run by a camera company, one run by an electronics company.

. . . One makes medical endoscopes and the other makes toasters and clock radios.

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