X-Pro 1: first impressions from a X100 user

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Re: More findings on X-Pro 1 vs. X100

I am a (very happy) X-100 user. The X-100 certainly has got it's particularities, but I believe they are mostly exagerated. If you purchased this camera for sports/action photography, you can only belong to the "moron" department. The X100 is a very capable machine with superb IQ (if you use it for what it is intended).

The camera, by the way, only got better with the 1.20 firmware. Kudos to Fuji for the continuous support/improvement to this camera. I am convinced a future firmware will fix all the little quicks that are a matter of complaint for the X-PRO1. Fuji seems to be listening, as opposed to other huge manufacturers with vastly superior resources.

Due to my love for Fuji's "X" concept, I am currently considering the X-Pro1 to replace my Canon 5DMKII (which I only have because I absolutely LOVE my Canon 50L f/1.2). Even when I am very comfortable with the 35 Fov, I am more of a "50 fov-shallow depth of field" kind of guy, hence my lust for the X-Pro with the 35f/1.4. But the X100 has a few features that make it a unique camera in my view (and make it a very usable camera TO ME): the built in ND filter and the leaf shutter that allow flash sync "ad infinitum" and completely silent operation. My Canon 5DMKII is going to the buy/sell forum this weekend, I simply haven't used it since I got the Fuji. I normally go out the door with a very unobtrusive- very small- very comfortable shoulder bag with my glasses, wallet, iPad-2 and Fuji X-100. Imagine adding the 5D to my daily kit....

Now, if Fuji was to release a X-200 (or whatever the name), with the fantastic characteristics of the X-100 (viewfinder, internal ND, leaf shutter) and a fixed 35 f/1.4 lens (maybe throw in the amazing new sensor in the X-Pro1) I would be all over it and certainly settle for a two body 35/50 combo. I am only dreaming, I know. This simply won't happen..

I have a question for X-Pro1 users though: since the whole point of an interchangeable lens camera is, well, the lenses, I may consider some legacy lenses at some point if I go the X-Pro route. I know it may be soon for such a question, but if anybody is using legacy lenses via an adapter already, could they possiby comment on the focusing with the EVF? I am mostly interested in a FAST 50 (f/1,4-2,0) and a 75-90 lens for portraits, and was wondering just how easy or hard accurate focusing will be with the provided EVF..

Thanks in advance for the kind replies (if any).



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