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Re: auto mode internals

Thanks for the thoughts.

The output for both flashes appears to be the same visually in magnitude. The projectile is about the same illumination and crispness as its in-frame duplicate.

As you suspected, a full magnitude flash output would render the bullet as a linear blur. When I do fire the flashes at full magnitude, the first flash emits a simple "pop", while the slower one emits a harsh "crack". Both magnitudes are once again similar, or indistinguishable.

I suspect that a light activated trigger would add even more delay in a high-speed application. I don't think one's going to get any faster than a direct wired cord connection, compared to a circuit that relies upon a photo transistor to detect a flash event, and signal to another flash to fire. Though, I can't say for sure, because I haven't tried it.

I might be getting a hold of a new flash here in a week or two, and I'll do some experimentation.

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