Bang for buck (or euro) and allaround lenses

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Re: Bang for buck (or euro) and allaround lenses

I would hold off for a while given the age of your son. I can't imagine you taking photos of him from a distance for two years or so. (I am thinking of nursery school events once he is that age.) Until he is in school, most photos will be taken when you are close to him, so you don't really need the range.

I have loved the 18-105 kit lens on my D90 for school events. Having one lens with that range kept me from having to change lenses in the middle of an event when I would move from taking a posed photo of the class to a shot of a child off in the distance. (Think of elementary school Field Day or nursery school Halloween parade.) That lens has served me very well until this year when I have tried to photograph indoor high school swimming. Once you move to youth sports or indoor low-lighting situations, you will need different equipment.

Perhaps you would enjoy using the very inexpensive 50 f/1.8D lens now while he is still young and you can move faster than he can. Good luck!

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