Trying to document a bug: Flexible Spot Focus moves by itself

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Re: Trying to document a bug: Flexible Spot Focus moves by itself

zackiedawg wrote:

On your NEX7, when you are in Flex Spot focus mode, does your soft button B automatically default to the Flex spot position button?

Sorry, didn't reply to this previously. With Flex Spot enabled on the NEX7, soft button B does not have to be the Flex Spot position button -- and mine isn't.

The only way I can move the Flex Spots:

1) Engage DMF (but moving the Flex Spot here seems to be temporary)

2) Press button C, which I have set to Custom, and one of those Custom options is Focus Area -- so, I might also have to navigate to the Focus Area option - and then I have to press button C again to get to the screen that moves the spot. I can't imagine I'm doing all this without noticing.

3) Press the Function button -- and perhaps have to press it several times to wind up on the Focus page -- again, I just don't think I'm accidentally pressing the Function button -- I'd notice that the way I do notice that I accidentally press the Video button.

So, I really don't think I'm "fat fingering" here.

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