X-S1 firmware 1.01: ORBs remedied?

Started Mar 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
goman100 Forum Member • Posts: 92
Re: X-S1 firmware 1.01: ORBs remedied?

I am going ORB hunting in a couple of hours, near high noon, in Florida's bright sun. I got ORBS with the old X-S1 firmware, though it is not a serious problem (low probability). I will see what the new firmware yields in "Auto EXR" mode as this mode is applicable to the fix. "A" was not mentioned but, I will see if there is any difference there too. I cannot believe that anyone cannot produce ORBS unless you are in a cloudy zone. Also, on occassion, I get a blue color cast which is remedied in PS. This is even a lower probabilty event than ORBS. I really like this camera! When traveling on excursions, there is liitle time for changing lens and toting large camera bags - this camera fits the bill perfectly.

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