P510 sample image at full res and 100% crop

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Re: P510 sample image at full res and 100% crop

Thanks for the website. The pic of the white haired lady with blue jumper is , I think , stunning quality. How much money would you have to fork out for lenses to get that at 1000mm?

I have the Canon SX 30 and will watch this Nikon carefully for price reductions. I took the Canon and a nikon p 7100 on holiday for a month and hardly used the Nikon so fascinating are the possibilities with the long lens plus decent wide angle.

I don't pixel peep but I have pics very nicely printed to A3 and which I suspect would go further, obviously not magazine quality but more than satisfactory for my purposes. I just fear the inevitable , that the game between nikon and it's customers will find me between two models again! and I should have waited for 24 to say 1200mm!!

I suppose some one will post a regret that the nikon does not do too well at twilight on a foggy night at full stretch and looks bad printed to 20 feet square.

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