X-S1 firmware 1.01: ORBs remedied?

Started Mar 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
PAUL TILL Veteran Member • Posts: 9,286
Re: X-S1 firmware 1.01: ORBs remedied?

mosto wrote:

I get very little orb even raw, even at low iso with this firmware, I have yet to test but it seems to me that the firmware does not act only in EXR. My tests were for photos of cars in direct sunlight. The orbs are always present if the subject is centered. I am very surprised at the results in RAW (P, S, A).
Edit: I made new tests on cars. Mitigation seems to me also involve P, S, A.
I am an absolute beginner

All of the pictures below would have orb's with the X10, the X-S1 just seems resilient to them, at least here in the UK where it's not as bright as other parts of the world.


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