X100: AFL in MF focus method fails after 1.20 update

Started Mar 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: X100: AFL in MF focus method fails after 1.20 update

Glad to see I'm not alone with this problem, being one of the original reporters of this problem in the other thread.

Yep, pressing the AFL/AEL button in MF mode is wildly inaccurate at shorter distances. I can't trust it anymore. Try pressing in the top rocker button to zoom/magnify the view, use the back LCD, point at objects and press the AFL/AEL button to focus. You can quickly determine when the focus is right or wrong. It's wrong, and badly wrong much of the time with short to medium distances. Something has gone terribly, terribly wrong with this update.

I'm wondering how Fuji quality control could have let this massive bug through?

I'm wondering how Fuji can repeatedly release firmware readme/notes that are cryptic, fragments of poorly, hastily written English. Are these notes written by some back room engineer and deemed unworthy of a proper editorial attention by a native English speaker? Something that would take 5 minutes of time!? I only mention this because it has always bugged me a little and may be vaguely related to a software quality control issue at Fuji.

I'm wondering how Fuji can continue to frustrate us with their auto-iso GUI shenanigans. Not only is there no easy way to toggle auto-iso on and off, but as I mentioned in the other thread, it now takes MORE keystrokes to toggle it (8 not 7 clicks). It's just a GUI menu, for goodness sake. Why should the position of GUI menu items be in any way related to camera functionality? Why should adding an auto-iso toggle be 'impossible' as some forum contributors are now reluctantly claiming (based on the logic that because Fuji has made some iso menu changes in this release, and not gone all the way, then it must be impossible). I don't buy the impossibility story - its just a GUI menu and these should be all movable and totally flexible. Unless there is some sort of insane, highly coupled, crazy spaghetti code in the firmware...

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