Steer me towards/away from a Pentax K5

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Re: Steer me towards/away from a Pentax K5

I was looking at this camera too.

Basically my choice if I buy this kind of camera would be a D7000 or this K-5, body only they're basically at the same price, just a little bit less than $100 more for D7000.

I really like the design, even more than the D7000 (all canikons are all so big and roundish...), but the main reason to look at the K-5 for me was the hands-on fully water resistant, I mean, with a kit lens that has some kind of at least light sealing.

But the problem is that I need to do panorama and architecture under water and snow without worrying about the camera, often with low light, and when I look at a little bit more decent, water resistant and more importantly at least few mm wider lens, all I find is the 16-50mm f2.8, which is at around $1000+.

Does anybody know a weather resistant wide angle lens (starting at least at around 16mm) for Pentax or Nikon mount which costs between $0 and the said above $1000? Primes are ok too, especially if cheaper.
It's difficult to sort the lens out with the characteristics I need.

I think a not too costly lens that fits my needs will chose which camera I will buy.

For the other lenses I don't need WR, and all I need is a fast and cheap 35mm and a cheap ass 300mm.

I also considered the new OM-D, $1300-1350 with the weather resistant 12-50mm, I really like the camera, but the sensor is small and the lenses are always slow and pricey for micro four thirds... And it's not even so small, which should be the whole point of micro four thirds and mirrorlesses in general.

Weather sealing of both bodies is not a problem I guess, on youtube there's plenty of videos of K-5 and D7000 under the shower.

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