Funny NEX-7 internet order story

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Re: Funny NEX-7 internet order story

Thanks for telling me that there was no protective plastic. The 24MP tag was still on the camera when I unpacked it. I expect the smudges on the LCD were the inevitable nose prints from using the viewfinder.

As I mentioned, I was initially quite concerned. But I did inspect the camera fairly thoroughly and I have taken several test shots and all is well.

In addition, I believe that Sean will have a conversation with the staff of the retail store that opened the box. He sounded very sincerely surprised and upset when he heard my story. He also did offer to send a replacement camera. I didn't push it, but I expect he would have sent it overnight for free if I had asked.

In the end, I think it is a no harm, no foul situation and I did get an extra $60+ worth of goodies. So I can't complain too loudly.


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