D700 still relevant in the D800 vs D4 debate

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Re: D700 still relevant in the D800 vs D4 debate

And I do stand by my comment about FPS. i know nobody on these forums takes any notice of professionals, but I honestly recommend people to take more time and care over their photography. A good way of doing this is to set the camera to single frame. I do documentary wedding photography for a living and never use any other setting. I strongly recommend it.

When pixpelpeeping the D700 at low shutterspeeds, sometimes the 8fps really helps to get the sharpest image out of a burst of shots.

Why would you recommend to set to "single shot"? If it is for reasons of concentration, craftmanship, focus and a good mental state of "think before you press", then I would fully agree..... but for me to get the best shot in low shutterspeeds (f/2.8 on the 24-70 without VR) the 8fps has really helped me out some times.

But I fully agree that in general people (or should I say I) shoot too much pictures... wearing their gear of way to soon. If you only need 10 shots out of a 300, why not trying to get those 10 shots right away. Digital has made us lazy.... and it has nothing to do with the D800.... it already started with the D100

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