Funny NEX-7 internet order story

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Funny NEX-7 internet order story

I recently decided I wanted an NEX-7. However, I currently live in Japan and the only NEX-7s in Japan have Japanese only menus (except for a few "export" models, but these are very expensive and so far I have only seen PAL versions and I usually live in the US).

Anyway, I have a business trip to the US this week, so I decided to place an order online and have it shipped to my US office. After some searching, I found that Bedford Camera had bodies in stock, so I placed an order on Monday US time, shortly before flying to the US.

Everything went well and the package arrived as expected on Wednesday. However, when I opened the box, things seemed amiss. There was no protective plastic sheet on the rear LCD and there were smudges on the LCD. Fortunately, there were no other marks on the camera.

My next surprise came when I got the battery out of the box to install in the camera. There was already a battery (and a 4 GB memory card) in the camera. After a quick check I discovered about 5 pictures on the memory card.

At this point I was quite upset as it really seemed like the unit was a return. I called Bedford and spoke with a manager named Sean. He was quite concerned and checked the serial number of the camera on his inventory system. He told me that the inventory system showed the camera had never been sold previously, but it had been shipped to one of the retail stores prior to my purchase and that it had been shipped to me directly from that store. Sean asked me to review the pictures on the memory card. All of the images appeared to be shots inside a retail camera store. Sean and I concluded that an overly curious employee had opened the box and taken a few test shots with the camera.

At this point I was relieved that the camera was not a return. As I mentioned, other than the smudges on the LCD, the unit was in fine condition with no obvious marks. Sean offered to exchange the camera for a new unit, but I did not have time to wait for a replacement before returning to Japan.

Overall, I am satisfied with the customer service, so aside from a bit of initial stress, I think this story has a happy end. Plus, I did get a spare battery and 4GB memory card for free for my troubles.


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