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Stone13 wrote:

The 5DIII is worth $3500 because people are buying it at that price. If the price is too high, then the market will speak and the camera won't sell, I've seen no evidence of that yet although it could happen and if it does, you can expect a nice rebate from Canon in the near future. Better to sell at a discount than not sell at all.

Would I like it to be $3K? Of course, hell I'd like it to be $2K with a free toaster but the price is what it is.

Remember it's not what it's worth, it's what people are willing to pay....

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You'd really want a free toaster with that $2000 5DmkIII? I would rather $2000 + a * free Lens of your choice! That would make me become a dual system supporter in a heart beat! It's looking to be a sweet camera for sure!

I agree with you though, the price is what the market will bear (and that's no bull!). If the price is indeed too high (i.e. not enough volume selling through), Canon will adjust the price accordingly.

I easily see the same thing happening to stuff like TVs (a certain model is new, cutting edge and very expensive.. x amount of tapered off sales and a few months later, the price drops, rinse and repeat). Nothing new here.

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