The new E-P2 arrived

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Re: The new E-P2 arrived

jazzbass62 wrote:

DonSantos wrote:

Autofocus speed with the 20mm 1.7 doesn't bother you?

Not so far... most of my shots are not especially spur-of-the-moment, they're the type where I take time to compose and adjust, etc. Especially indoors where I'm usually photographing some sort of museum artifact (not moving kids...!). It's definitely not a quiet lens, though. I don't care about that either.

I guess if I had used some of the more recent AFS setups I might experience some frustration on EPL1 or EP2 but so far no problem.

Have you been using a 20mm and found it wanting for your purposes?

From reading some of the posts on the forum, others have different views on its AF speed, though I don't find the 20mm problematic on either the E-PL1 or the E-P2. I think the 45mm f1.8mm is slightly quicker in good light levels, but worse when light levels fall off.

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