The new E-P2 arrived

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Re: Which lens you after crsantin?

jazzbass62 wrote:

crsantin wrote:

I got one from Cameta also at that price, it arrived two days ago. It's my first micro 4/3 camera so I don't have a lens yet. I'm working a couple of ebay auctions at the moment so hopefully I'll have one soon. Can't wait to start shooting with it, it is a rather sexy camera.

Which lens are you after? I think Cameta still has refurbished 14-42mm mkII lens for around $159. It's a nice all around lens.

Thanks for the heads up. The kit lens would do just fine to start out and that price is rather nice. For walking around, street shots etc it will produce good results. I know for sure my second lens will be the Oly 45mm, probably during the summer once I save up a bit more money. As much as it gets slammed, I'm also interested in the Oly 17mm. The pics I've studied that are taken with this lens all looked quite nice and that focal length is a comfortable one for me, plus it would be really portable.

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