K-01 daylight flash problem (cross-post)

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Re: More tests this morning

steephill wrote:

The main problem here is the design choice Pentax makes on flash shutter speeds.

Hi Steve,

Not sure I agree with a blanket statement about Pentax design decisions. I have a Q as well, and matching the K-01 settings (Auto, Manual Discharge) the same shot duplicates the EP3 result. I can post if you like. Flash behavior in general is like any other camera I've owned and has never raised an alarm (but don't quote me - I haven't tested it thoroughly).

...try something else such as Av or Tv mode, even P mode.

If you only knew how many test shots I've taken in these modes, not to mention linking the AF point to metering, etc. The only thing I hadn't done was what Russell suggested, M mode, because I seldom use flash and in the real world my flash shots are mainly for spontaneous travel moments, no time for fiddling with settings.

Full auto modes can't avoid limits like flash power, sync speed etc.

Actually, full auto on the K-01 allows flash power compensation. This is why I addressed my post to K-01 owners; it's helpful to have the camera in front of you to help me confirm what I'm saying isn't off base. But I very much appreciate the effort from everyone who has offered their help.

If you want to use fill flash in daylight you will need an HSS capable flash.

Well, I hastily ordered an AF-200 not realizing it didn't have HSS. My needs are pretty basic, so I'll see if it can work for me, but I have 30 days to return.

Thank you

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