What's the deal with NIKON YELLOW CAST - HELP!

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Re: What's the deal

I think I know the context of my reply a bit better, thank you. Revisiting the thread might shine some light on the matter for you as well. This is where the tangent i replied to started

"Btw, there are more important problems with this image than cast."

The discussion was far from color balance by the time Illiah mentioned the lack of good light.

And Illiah pointed out that starting at anything but 5500K gives less than optimum sensor performance. Aesthetics are a whole different matter, which is why natural light photography is so popular. Many will gladly sacrifice a fraction of sensor performance for ambiance. So no, anything but 5500K isn't lesser quality. It's just different. I hope that you'll realize that life isn't always black and white some day.

Tony Beach wrote:

No, the context was color cast, and the first definition of quality applies to that. You are choosing to conflate the second definition of quality with WB (and as it turns out, color profile) choices. Nonetheless, as Iliah pointed out, starting out with light that is not close to 5500K is indeed starting out with lesser quality light.

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