K-01 daylight flash problem (cross-post)

Started Mar 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: More tests this morning

The main problem here is the design choice Pentax makes on flash shutter speeds. Forcing the use of flash when the subject is out of range leaves the camera trying to use flash settings which are inappropriate. The camera sets shutter speed based on focal length of the lens used hence 1/60th sec. As Russell says it just doesn't work so try something else such as Av or Tv mode, even P mode. Full auto modes can't avoid limits like flash power, sync speed etc.

If you want to use fill flash in daylight you will need an HSS capable flash. This will get you round the sync speed limit but you still have the problem of subject distance. HSS power drops very quickly as shutter speed rises so is limited to close subjects.

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