Best Advise in Purchasing External Flash

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Re: Best Advise in Purchasing External Flash

May I suggest a couple of inexpensive flash accessories to keep in mind for the future? The first is a flash diffuser. I use the Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce ($18) on my SB 600 set at the 45 degree angle. It gives me some bounce off the ceiling and some direct light. You can get these--or much more expensive ones--for almost any flash.

The second accessory is a flash cord. This lets you hold the camera in one hand and the flash at arm's length. Nikon's are the best but they are expensive. You can get a Vivitar or Vello for less than $20. If you can, try with your flash unit before you buy.

One of the best diffusers I ever saw was simply a white card rubber-banded to the back of a flash unit in the 90 degree position. Likely cost: 10 cents. There are lots of ways of imprving the quality and evenness of light from a strobe.

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