Carl Zeiss vs Nikkor (both 50mm)

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Re: Carl Zeiss vs Nikkor (both 50mm)

NRG wrote:

Thanks for the feedback guys.. much appreciated. I generally shoot scenery (so in most cases, pretty much most elements would fall within the focal plain (generally I like apertures of f/8).

So if I understand the feedback so far, the Zeiss lens would be a great weapon of choice given the goal of absolute sharpness all around, but it's bokeh isn't as smooth as say the Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 AI-S (which would be a better choice should I want to shoot forground subjects with out of focus backgrounds)?

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f/8 and be there!

.for your use for sure Planar 50/1,4
.extreme details at distances from f4 up, compact lens, aperture ring

.it has very nice lively bokeh wide open (not just smooth blur without character)
.and it's quite cheap too
.put a polarizer on it

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