DxO Lens review is such a piece of Crap

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Re: DxO Lens review is such a piece of Crap

hello world wrote:

They completely demolish to concept of benchmarking. Benchmarking is suppose to be usefull in a way which will let you compare apples and oranges.

After reading through their reports and their 'view' (if you wanna call it that way) on m43; read it if you like: http://www.dxomark.com/index.php/Publications/DxOMark-Reviews/Micro-Four-Third-Lens-Reviews I quote:

"Not too long ago, people assumed that choosing a micro 4/3 camera was the same thing as choosing a small camera. Then the happy owners would start thinking about getting a zoom lens for this small camera and discover that… surprise, surprise, the zooms were nowhere near as compact as they expected. What they each ended up with was a completely disproportionate, awkward, clumsy, too-large lens attached to a too-small body, creating all kinds of handling problems and thus defeating the entire notion of compactness."

Sorry but if you happen to be such a 'happy owner' buying into a system camera for compactness and the first thing you grab is a long zoom you should go see a doctor or two. Internet could also of helped you make a correct assumption before you buy into something. Btw. (to the writer of that article).

I mean seriously, do these folks take photography seriously or what on earth in going on in their heads

After reading through that, and their so called 'fair and square' benchmarking.... Their site went from DxO to DxO in my head

How can the writer state about mFT being disproportionate and then talk about a NEX camera? Really? What an idiot. The NEX seems this way with a kit zoom, but IMHO, none of the mFT cameras seem disproportionate with a zoom on it at all. In fact, most feel just right.

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