D800 Image quality issue - color bleed in DPR tests

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D800 Image quality issue - color bleed in DPR tests

I've just noticed something unusual in the scene comparison tool

It is easy to see a red bleed over the frame and the diference among other cameras. Here is the JPEG example at ISO12800 because it becomes really noticeable but the same defect can be observed from ISO800 or 1600 starting as a tiny red line.

Bleeding appears in diferent places within the same image and also with other saturated colors (not only red), as you can check with the comparison tool (great tool by the way, i love it!).

I was looking for something like this in other cameras and i found it in D7000 test but much less evident.

In my opinion it has something to do with NR algorythm because i don't see anything unusual in the RAW version, so i think it could probably be fixed in camera NR settings, or in a future, with a firmware update if NIKON guys decide to solve the problem.

Don't get me wrong please, D800 is an extraordinary camera (definition at low ISO is breathtaking). I post this image for anybody who find the information useful in some way.

Just one last thing, (Oops, this is getting very long. Are you still there? Good, i appreciate that!), i need somebody to explain me why so many people here are able to kill or die for a particular brand? I wonder what could have happened with comments and forum if Canon 5MIII had included a 36 Mp sensor... but you can imagine.

So if someone can't stand this problem, feel free to send the camera right to my office and i'll be glad to squeeze beautiful images from it! Shooting is what i love, rather than fight for a cause.


Nikon D7000 Nikon D800
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