K-01 daylight flash problem (cross-post)

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Re: More tests this morning

Baxter Bad wrote:

Same tree taken with the FA43, FULL AUTO, no flash. Camera chose 1/160 at f/4, ISO 100:

With onboard flash set to Manual Discharge since flash will not fire in Auto mode as there is ample light. Camera chose 1/60 (as usual), at f/5.6, ISO 400 (it was about 8:15 am). This time the focus is sharp. On the shot I posted yesterday, I'm certain the camera picked a leaf that was closer in the foreground, so that was user error. Nothing wrong with the AF of this camera as far as I have seen:

So the camera with flash; +1EV for the change in shutter, -1EV for the aperture change, and +2EV for the change in ISO. Flash isn't adding anything to the exposure, and ambient gets blown. I don't think there is a mechanical issue with the camera or lens. Just the settings the camera is choosing don't work.

I'm not really surprised by this as I think most people that don't give up on P-TTL completely, usually end up using P-TTL on Pentax's DSLRs in M mode. This is partly because of the control you get, partly because it's the only way to get some consistent behavior, and partly because with an external flash with HSS, you can simply slip into and out of HSS as needed. M mode on the two e-dial bodies is pretty simple to use, but I have never owned a single e-dial body to say how the use of M mode compares on those bodies.

Maybe Pentax should have follow the lead of your m4/3 camera and locked out manual flash mode in the Green mode, but I think a lot of people prefer to let the photographer determine what is appropriate or not, over the camera having control. Double edge sword. Pentax already gets grief here for not letting the flash fire over 1/180s in non HSS mode so people can decide if the trailing shutter shadow is an issue, or not, in the scene they are trying to capture. Damn if you do, damned if you don't.

So is "it doesn't work in that way, so try something different" a good enough solution for you on this?

Thank you

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