K20D- Is it just me?

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Re: K20D- Is it just me?

I have a K20D and K-x. The K-x has a stop of DR on the K20D, better WB in tungsten light and faster burst speed. I will use the K20D up to ISO 3200 and the K-x up to ISO 6400. Even so, the K20D is my main camera. I value the extra controls and features of the K20D (WR, User & TAv modes, buttons instead of menus) more than improved performance under marginal conditions. I also prefer the exposure of the K20, the quieter shutter, white balance in natural light, and the ability to mount a battery grip. My next camera will replace the Kx, I'm keeping the K20D.

I tried a K-5 for a couple of weeks but it was one of the ones with poor low-light AF in tungsten light. Upgrading the firmware to 1.03 didn't help and I sent it back. I asked for a refund instead of an exchange because I wasn't confident at the time that the low-ight issue was resolvable, and because I didn't feel the K-5 added enough compared to what I already had with the K20 and K-x.

I was anxiously waiting for the K-mount APS-C MILC, but I quickly dismissed the K-01 because I need a VF. I expect to buy the K-5 replacement and hand off the K-x to my wife. It will make a nice kit for her, with a DA 18-250.

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