X100 Firmware 1.20 is out!

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Re: BIG focus improvement - NOT in MF using AE/AL

Yep. That's three of us now complaining that MF using AE/AL is now poor. I'm sure it used to work better than this. How is it that in numerous tests I get obvious and gross mis focuses in MF and when I switch to auto focus AF-S mode the Fuji nails it every time - on the same subject. And I know about finding vertical bits of contrast and filling the centre focus area to avoid ambiguity. MF using AE/AL does work ok on bigger distances and landscape shots. It's focussing on stuff inside a room where it fails.

On the other hand AF-S auto focus is now uncanny - in a good way. It accurate, faster, and works accurately in low light (something it struggled with before). So I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

minim3 wrote:

Exactly what i feel,this cant be de last firmware, AF/AL on MF method dont focus any spot properly,i just cant believe...

barjohn wrote:

I have tested at various ranges and the AFL/AEL focus method in MF does not provide an accurate AF. If you use the focus ring you will see a significant difference. Even with the image magnified you can see it doesn't do a single shot AF like it used to. On the other hand the AF in AF-S seems to work much better.
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