Great future for FT!

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Re: Great future for FT!

sauchiyong wrote:

EM-5 is a clear indication of what 16MP FT sensor can do! descent high ISO performance and excellent 5 axis IS. If you simply put that sensor on a E-5 you have a winner there already. Compare with FF Canon 1DX. and Nikon D4 and the
winner is clear,

E-M5 is a fantastic camera, but I don't see what you mean. If you need action photography in less that perfect light (indoor sports ec) D4 and 1Dx kill E-m5 ands down. We didn't talk on Af yet. Olympus is far behind on Af tracking. D4 will focus with moonlight. I did not say E-M5 is not a great cam.

and there is still the two stops advantage, 1 stop for being able to use lens wide open, and 1 stop for usual 1 stop faster lens. In a much smaller package too.

All quality CaNikon glass can be used wide open too.

may be not for high res application such as adv and landscape, but for sport and news which D4 and 1DX are for, an DSLR with the new sensor Olympus especially as a system will be is a sure win.

Right, especially the Af which only works fast in S-Af. No descent focus tracking in Olympus/panasonic (yet)

I predicted Olympus FT advantage will start to take effect in two years. I made that comment half a year ago, and I think it is very clear now. I expect a shift from Nikon and Canon to Olympus for sport and news soon.

I don't.

The camera is more than the sensor. For wildlife and sports shooters AF is still not there (AF tracking). Unfortunately m4/3 has no quality long glass like FF equivalant 300/4 300/2.8 400/5.6 150/2.0 70-200/2.8 200-400/4 etc etc. I think m4/3rds will get there, it needs a lot more time to mature.

there is no advantage for FT anymore. The 300/2.8 is more heavy and expensive than Nikon 300/2.8 which seems one of the best optics (and AF) out there.

M4/3 will eventually achieve FF results. Probably in two or three years.
FF cameras will achieve medium format results (D800 is already very close)

The detail of medium format is a dream of many landscape and still life photographers. Now FF almost can achieve this, FF will stay very popular and I see many Dx shooter upgrade to FF. For Dx and FT shooters, there is no reason to stay there. Go to FF or mft. I think both FF and mft will continue to exist in future.

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