200mm f2 or 300mm 2.8 ?

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Re: I own both...

A 400mm lens gives you a 400mm lens at 1.5! All the 1.5 does is give you a cropped file. Take a 400mm print from the D800 shot full frame and overlay a 400mm print from the same D800 in 1.5 mode. Now take a scissors and cut the full frame print around the outside that is larger than the 1.5 print and you will have the same photo. There is no change in the size of the content. This whole field of view thing is a made up term with no value at all unless you are comparing sensors with different pixel densities.

People who are interested in joining international (wildlife) photo competitions know they are not allowed to crop out the image as you describe. You need to send in the RAw file as proof. It is allowed to use a crop camera or a FF camera in crop mode. Therefore, using a 200/2.0 on d800 gives me for this purpose 200/2/0 and in DX 1.5 crop mode 300/2.0 RAW files. Add the 2EIII and there is an enormuous versatility.

I understand what you are saying, hopefully you understand me too. there is a difference between cropping the image and making the picture you want using crop mode. Needing less PS. The last options needs less PS and is ethical allowed in world in the world's most nature and wildlife photo competitions.

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