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Re: The worst digital camera on all of these forums....

Hi VadymA,
I'll post this across on both threads for you.

Could you please advise if it's possible to "transform" G1X into a prior G-like camera using existing lens adaptors? I mean is there a macro adaptor for G1X that would make it possible to do 1cm macro shots (like G12 does)? And is there an adaptor to extend telephoto from 4x to 6x (like G9 for example) or larger?

The G1X appears to have a removable shroud which suggests quite strongly that there will be other accessories released for it to allow for perhaps a tele-adapter to increase the zoom. But it may only be so that people can put a mount-tube on the camera to fit the EOS Macro flashes (Ring Flash and Twin).

There's no adapter to extend the Telephoto that I know of. As for an adapter for closup Macro shots, it's quite likely that the Canon 250D Closeup Lens/Filter will allow you to do this - but I will need to check. I ordered a 250D today. I already have the 500D (which is less power and works on the tele-end of the zoom). It allows me to get a little closer but not like a 1cm Macro. Will report when my 250D comes in.

Marco Nero.

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