Canon EF 100-400L vs EF 400 f/5.6L

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Re: Canon EF 100-400L vs EF 400 f/5.6L

I use 400 5.6 for two years and very happy with it. I shoot primary birds.
You can read my experience here:
My advice will be very simple.
Dou you really need all the zoom range or just 400mm?
If you need 400mm only the answer is 400 5.6L prime.

IMHO it is much better tool, as it is better balanced on camera body, focuses faster and is better wide open (sharper, better bokeh and CA nearly non existant).

Zoom focuses closer 1.8m vs 3.5m on prime. So if you want too shoot something small and close it may be better. I use 25mm extension tube to shoot large insects with prime. For small birds magnification is enough on crop body.

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