Lacrosse w/ new 5DMIII

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Re: Lacrosse w/ new 5DMIII

JPR1853 wrote:

Picked up a 5DM3 from my local Canon dealer yesterday and used it tonight with my Canon 400mm f/2.8L IS II lens instead of my 1DM4 to give it a tryout. I shot jpegs as I usually do when shooting sports and was very impressed with the images from the camera. I still need to do some studying on the auto focus settings but I used AI Servo Case #4, center focus point. I shoot with AWB, AV mode, usually wide open. You can see the photos at:

I am in the process of uploading all of them. When viewing an individual photo click on the info tab to the upper right to see all of the camera details.

For the last several years I have been shooting with a 1DM3 & 1DM4 and plan on getting a 1DX in the future. I actually purchased the 5DM3 for my wife but I am considering using it as a back up camera to my 1DM4 and after tonight would not have any problem doing so.

I was thinkin the same thing having the 5dm3 as a backup for my 1Dm3, backup. Shoot in the early morning events i shoot the 5DM3 will be better by far. Wish i could get myself a 1Dx too. Tempted to sell the 1dm3 so i can have 2 5dm3's for shooting weddings and one for sports with a grip...scary to say that outloud but i've been thinking about it...

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