5D3 vs D800 Final verdict

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5D3 vs D800 Final verdict

I have been wanting to write this for a couple of days now, i just did not know how to gather all the thoughts in my head into one coherent and easy to understand post for all.
the never ending battle Canon Vs Nikon, well here it is.

Have a 30D, 40D, and i sold my 7D (weakness in focus showed when trying to purchase a sigma 85 1.4, tried 5 lens, all same front focus, changed cams to 5Dmk2 and 40D and all was spot on, another 7d at store showed same problem)

After this i began to hate Canon, and realised how a cam like the 7D misses so much, and i saw Nikon and its superb AF system etc and was drawn to it.I saved up sold a few lens am not using much and waiting to make a decision, shall i get the 5D2, wait for the 5D3 (cant tell how its AF system will be) or jump to nikon, mind you i will keep my canon gear and use both.

For all those people who will talk LOYALTY, F#$@ that, what loyalty? am not married to the brand, and it is not a country that i want to die for.
You seek what gives you most or all of your needs to do what you seek to do.
D800 does it , so does the D700 which i am considering alot, so does the 5D2...
Even the old 1ds Mk2 was on the list for its AF .

So i ended up buying a 5D classic. Cuz it works.

Yes. Had it for 3 days now.Love it to death, simple, to the point of my needs and more than enough MP with great IQ.I plan on holding on to it until i find that i do need those "extra" features.
What more do i want?

Gonna use 36 MP? maybe, maybe not, but its a good option to have (since you can shoot at a lower quality and you are not bound by 36!)21 MP? maybe maybe not.

I am saying this to all those people who just troll around complaining about PIXEL peeping and banding and noise at ISO 3 BILLION.

Seriously? If you are gonna use ISO 25600 you must be really desperate, so DONT.

People have forgotten how pretty things are on print.spending too much time looking at the screen, go print those pics, at A4, or A3 make an album, and i guarantee you you will be spending at least 5 more seconds looking at each print marveling at its beauty instead of just flipping hastily on the keyboard.

Video? If you are going to use this camera body for video then good luck without viewfinders and a serious accessory line up to go along with that.
I use my Sony Hx9v . That is what I need.

Both brands are Amazing at what they have given us, product wise and material wise.

Those people with no life who complain about the high price of the 5Dmk3 COMPARED to the D800 are TRUST ME: THE ONES WHO WILL NEVER USE ALL THE OPTIONS OF THAT CAMERA.Never compare, weigh the good points just don't compare apples to oranges.

If they did use ALL the options they would gladly pay the Full tag price and have a big grin on their faces.

So just weigh what you need and am sure you will find that cameras of even 5 or 10 years ago, STILL TAKE PICTURES.

I did buy the Sigma 85 1.4 eventually , and on the 5D the precision is pinpoint.Sometimes not everything a Brand makes has an angelic Halo to it.Accept this fact and maybe you can just enjoy taking pics.

AS for me I am still considering buying a Nikon system to go along my Canon.

Why you may ask? do I need it? maybe, maybe not.Being friends with more than one brand has never been wrong.

Sorry for the long post but this Canon Nikon me better you better has gone too far , taken there by people who have just missed the purpose of enjoying a good photo.

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