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Re: it looks good, great and what about free version of imovie HD?

Berghof wrote:

thanks, I'm starting to like imovie, do you as well know by any chance of a safe place to download imovie hd version?

It depends on what you're looking for. It's not a HD version of the current iMovie.

First there was iMovie, then iMovie HD, with HD video support, then the new iMovie with the HD tag dropped but still with support for HD video.

With the new iMovie, with a completely different interface, and initally a reduced feature set, some people didn't like it so Apple allowed them to download the old iMovie HD.

But the current iMovie has now had many more features added, and unless you have a good reason for going back to the old iMovie HD, I stick with current iMovie.

I probably have a link to the old download I can try to find for you, but no idea if the is still available.


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