So it seems you can get more DR without exmor

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Re: So it seems you can get more DR without exmor

bronxbombers wrote:

The D4 appears as if it will solidly beat the 5D3 by a stop, maybe a trace more than a stop at low ISO max dynamic range. Other than having a lower base ISO than the D3s allowing for a high max color sensitivity it has identical response to the D3s.

Sadly I have a feeling the rumor that Canon cheaped out, despite raising the price a ton, and used old sensor fab for the 5D3 is true and that they held the new stuff for the 1DX which might get the 1 stop better DR.

(unless the 1DX doesn't do better as well, but there are various rumors saying it has 1 stop better DR than the 5D3 at low ISO)

That would really be madenning and du,b if Canon couldn't give us their top tech in 5D3 after all this time and they didnt put the DR champ in the more landscape oriented cam. Makes no sense. wow.

Anyway the D4 proves you can still do a stop+ better without exmor patents than canon has yet to give us....

(unless D4 uses exmor? i though it doesn't though)

So maybe, if rumours are true, an unreleased Nikon camera worth $2,500 more than a 5D3 might have a spec that is better.

You need to get out more.

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