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Skroob wrote:

I agree in a way about what you say regarding the statues. Yes, it is someone else's creation, and it wouldn't be fair to take "full credit" for an image of one, however, that can be said for most anything. A building has an architect. A person in a portrait has clothes made by a designer.

I think that is copping out, and I truly don't mean to be offense by that. I think you're rationalizing it though. Like I said, when a statue, sculpture or painting is just part of the scene and the entire scene is the photograph, then that is the art of the photographer. But, when all there is is the sculpture or statue or that's the main theme, then that is not the art of the photographer. I think it's very easy to distinguish. Really. I'm sure you do too. The same goes for a piece of the sculpture or part in a different lighting than normal. It is still the creator of the sculpture's art. He created it to look various ways in different light. One has to accept that up front. It's theirs.

An example would be if sidewalk painter was at his craft and my photograph was him, his art and the people watching. That's my art. I composed it. His art is in there but not the main portion and my art doesn't rely on his creation. On the other hand, if I framed closer such that his art was the main theme, then the image would not be mine. It would be his.

Like I said, it really isn't hard to distinguish. If you try to make it hard, you're just rationalizing it, I believe. Also, remember, this is my personal opinion and you have a right to differ, obviously. I just wanted to bring it to your attention as something to consider.

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Cheers, Craig

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