Orion-15 28/6 on NEX5N

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Landscape at various apertures

Just to finish this off ...

Orion-15 28mm f/6 on Sony NEX-5N

A nothing-special landscape taken in overcast daylight at various apertures Apertures are included in image titles and in lettering within each image.

Shot raw, converted in Adobe Camera Raw. No corrections or postprocessing whatsoever.

f/6 -- too soft for general use

f/8 - not taken at this session -- it's closer to the performance at f/11 than at f/6

f/11 - best aperture by far

f/16 - not great, softer than f/11

f/22 - too much diffraction softening for general use

It's a nice, low-contrast, low-distortion, low-CA, high-resolution lens at f/11. It makes attractive b/w images at that aperture. Low distortion and contrast make it a good b/w architecture lens, again at f/11.

Not a good general-purpose wide-angle lens even by 1970s standards.

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