K-01 daylight flash problem (cross-post)

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Re: What would be greatly helpful...

Maximum distance for the ISO 200 and f5.6 you stated, is 3m. The manual uses those figures in its example, page 218. Minimum is 0.6m.

Thank you

Yes... so if I was out of range, the shot should have looked like no flash was used.

I took the same shot with my EP3 and forced flash (both cameras with the built-in flash, I don't own externals for either) and indeed it looked like a no-flash shot.

I remember the Q having some odd flash problems, and a K-01 user named trseattle reporting K-01 flash overexposure but not following up with any further details. I've already done a ton of testing after work until it got dark and I couldn't continue, I'll have to pick up again tomorrow and see if I can get any clues.


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