K-01 daylight flash problem (cross-post)

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Re: It would be helpful to have access to the exif data.

Baxter Bad wrote:

Hi Russell, thanks very much for jumping in. It does seems like the lens isn't stopping down. But I've tested four lenses (Ltd primes, all nearly brand new) with the same result.

If there is an issue with the cameras aperture arm mechanism, then it would be lens independent, which it sounds as if it is.

As for DOF preview, isn't the K-01, as a live view camera, always showing the DOF (or at least a simulation of it)?

No, the arm that you see in the mount holds the aperture wide open so that AF and LCD for you to use to frame the shot gets the most possible light to use. When the shutter triggers, the arm is supposed to move to a position that closes the aperture appropriately for the photo, and then goes back to fully open once the photo has been taken.

You would probably see the aperture setting in the video mode though, as that's the only way video could work. Set the aperture to f22 in video mode and see if the LCD goes darker. That should tell you the arm is working on the camera body. I'm not sure if you'll have to start a movie or not.

Thank you

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