Selling Prints @ small TX Art Show?

Started Mar 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
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John S.
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Selling Prints @ small TX Art Show?

Hello M4/3 Forum, haven’t posted here much for the last couple of years but read often about latest M4/3 news and discussions. Have a couple of questions about selling prints for the first time at a small outdoor Art Show and what to expect. I am posting here (and on the Oly SLR Forum) first for advice because all of my photos since 2004 have been with Olympus 4/3 SLR cameras.

I am going to go fairly small, (getting my feet wet) selling mostly matted 5x7 and 8x10 prints in clear protector sleeves with a couple of other larger sizes thrown in. I will have several framed prints (custom frames made by my father) as well, mainly to show how the prints will look framed, but also to sell at a more premium price.

My questions are:

Does anyone else do Art Shows and what basic advice (Do’s and Don’ts) would you give to a newby?

Pricing suggestions? Cost and markup, what works best for volume and profit?

Where do you source your supplies, best value for best quality for Pre-Cut Mat Kits with Sleeve, AF Tape, etc.?

If I get any sales, where might the bulk of the sales come from (large, small or framed prints)?

The last question (and most valuable) is advice on which prints might have the best potential for sales? Most of my images are Texas/Western Culture themed and I am partial to many of them but the general public might be very different. Could you take a look at my site and let me know which one might have the most commercial appeal for an Art Show buyer. The patrons will mostly be a Western Culture/Country crowd. I already have a few picked out that I know I will print (some on my site and some not). Could you give me a top 5 or 10 selection? It would give me a better pulse on how to narrow down my choices. It would be very much appreciated!!
Thanks so much, looking forward to hearing what you think, John

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