D200 or upgrade to D300?

Started Mar 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
Gregg Tarayan Regular Member • Posts: 263
Re: D300 is much better

I think it really depends on what it is that you typically shoot, and what is the purpose of your desired upgrade. For example, my D200 does everything I ask from it. But then again, I do not take it to concerts with sub-par lighting trying to capture moving artists. Would I like a new shining camera? I would, but I do not want to pay for D300s the same amount or something close to what a new D400 will cost once it comes out (probably sooner than later). With that said, I would buy a D300s if I was paid to shoot a live performance in a bar because as someone already said - D200 at ISO 3200 is a dog. In fact, I always stay far below 1600. In short - only you know the answer to your question. We can only push you one way or another

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