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Re: Will Canon join m4/3?....I HOPE, saving me the trouble of switching ;-)

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Re: Will Canon join m4/3?

Canon may have been waiting to see where the chips would fall regarding mirrorless. Now that m4/3 looks like it might be the market winner, there has been speculation that Canon might now join m4/3 and sell their own camera in a m4/3 mount. Time will tell.

I hope so....that would save me the hassle of switching

But honestly, I don't think canon will ever join the m4/3 out of pride, principal, and no need . Canon is the #1 in DSLR WORLD, even if all the consumer switched over to mirrorless, Canon will still make a killing just concentrate on selling to the professionals.

But one thing for sure is that Canon's own G1X is salute to m4/3 sensor format, while conceding that Big APS-C sensor make it impossible to make the lens compact. Source: http://www.43rumors.com/canon-explains-why-four-thirds-is-better-than-aps-c/

Sounds a bit like arguing that smoking is good for your health.

David Parry, from Canon UK explained at Techradar (Click here) why they didn’t opt for the APS-C sensor : “We managed to create a four times zoom in a very compact body, and really it has the biggest sensor that we could use and also get decent coverage from the lens. If you made the sensor any bigger, the lens would have to be a lot bigger and it would be much more difficult and expensive to produce .”

It sound like IF canon ever make a mirrorless. It will likely based on the same 1.5" sensor from G1x rather than a big 1.6x Sensor from the Canon Rebel. In either case, it look like I won't be able to mount my collection of canon lens without an adapter.

Seems like the most logical thing to me. Why would Canon want to downgrade to M4/3 when they just spent a load of cash developing the superior perfoming "1.5inch" sensor? For certain the G1X will not be the ONLY camera to use that sensor.-

I just wish the price were lower:-))

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