Need some basic advice on LR 4 & NX2

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Gene Goodman Regular Member • Posts: 181
Re: Need some basic advice on LR 4 & NX2


I like CNX2 for:

1. Color selection points - its ability to select an area for almost ANY adjustment, based on proximity, color, shade, etc to location of the control point is FANTASTIC.

This is the BIGGIE in NX2, want to adj an object, just use a color control point and you can pretty much adj the object w/o having to "select" it (which you cannot even do in LR) - in fact using Color Control points is better/easier that using the various selection tools in PSE.

2. large picture are available with combos of F or P button + CTL 0.

3. Ability to back out any adjustment regardless of sequence is BIG PLUS; ie in LR if you do adj 1, then 2 ... then 8, and want to eliminate 3, I believe you must eliminate 3-8 !!! Plus as others have commented, every small adj is an adj - ie if you change exp 3 times, its 3 adjs, in CNX2 you just reset exp and you go back to where you started.



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