Lightroom 4 Auto vs. Lightroom 3 Auto

Started Mar 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Auto in Lightroom

has just never worked for me, although that goes for pretty much every raw converter, although LR4's Auto WB has been quite good.

Even ASP with Perfectly clear, only works on a few easy and straightforward images.

The hopes of using auto to give me a quick baseline on an event shoot in variable lighting are never achieved.

Darktable for Linux however, has a user selectable region based auto which works far better than anything else I've come across.

What I would like to see in LR is a user adjustable WB dropper, so I can select any colour and match it between images with a single click.
C1 has something like it, so why not LR?

I would also like to see user adjustable exposure picker, where, once set, a single click would match that exposure value on subsequent images.
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